Powerful Prayer for Gender Clarity

As the spiritual battle against human beings worsens, those who do not serve our God are pushing the demonic, lying propaganda that says a person can and should change his or her gender. Actual science is being thrown out the door in favor of an evil agenda.

No longer do people in authority seem to be teaching every person how to maximize the person God created them to be. Instead, children and adults alike are being told that they were born a mistake—and so their health, their identity, and their very futures are being compromised.

The enemy cannot have our children, friends, or our loved ones. We must stand united in a prayer and covering over the people of this nation and over their true gender identity.

Join me in these prayers for every person in America to have gender clarity—and for their ideas about their gender to align with God’s original created works.

Wonderfully Made

Father God, we come to You in Jesus’ name. Abba Father, we thank You that every human being is fearfully and wonderfully made. Marvelous are Your works; our souls know that right well (Ps. 139:14)! You have created, fashioned, and ordained every person to be exactly the gender that they are. You—and You alone—have placed skill sets and giftings in the heart of every person. And You alone know the plans You have for every individual.

Father, we know that You created boys to be boys and girls to be girls. You ordained men to be men and women to be women. They all have distinct personalities and sensitivities, different giftings and skill sets. But You did not make any mistakes, Father—and differences in personalities and giftings do not mean that a person is the wrong gender.

So, Father, we lift up to You every person who is struggling with gender identity. And in the name of Jesus, we ask that You: 

  • send holy and godly wisdom into their lives by Your Spirit.
  • remove from their ears all unholy propaganda from evil agendas.
  • show them that You have a good plan for their lives.
  • help each person to know that the unique giftings and sensitivities they have do not mean they should have been born the opposite gender.
  • teach every young boy how to be a godly boy—and give him the desire to be a holy, sanctified, set-apart boy who grows up into a godly man.
  • teach every young girl how to be a godly girl—and give her the desire to be a holy, sanctified, set-apart girl who grows up into a mighty woman of God.
  • help every woman to know that You have created her to be a woman. Help her to delight in her femininity, for she is Your daughter and You delight in her beautiful femininity.
  • help every man know that You created him to be a man. Help him to enjoy his masculinity, knowing that he was born to be Your son and that You delight in him as Your son.

Protect Their Minds

Father, remove every thought from our children and adults that would tell them they are the wrong gender. Remove them from the path of lies and destruction. Give them great clarity about their birth gender—and help them to embrace it. Protect them from wicked, dark forces and evil agendas.

Your Word says that when the enemy comes in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord will raise up a standard against him (Isa. 59:19, kjv). The enemy has come in like a flood, with the lies and propaganda of sex changes, surgeries, gender confusion, and mutilation.

Please help us, Lord Jesus. Raise up a standard against the enemy. We pray in Jesus’ name that: 

  • You force the enemy to flee.
  • You wake the American people up.
  • every person—even the ungodly—sees every lie about gender as the lie that it is. 
  • we will soundly and roundly reject and eschew every lying tongue, every falsehood, every wicked strategy. 
  • we will firmly denounce these untruths related to gender confusion. 
  • You will prevent the enemy from devouring the lives of those impacted by this wicked gender-change agenda.

Thank You, Abba Father. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen. 

We as Christians must want our children for Christ more than the enemy wants them for his own nefarious agendas. Join us in praying this prayer for our own sons and daughters—and for those of every family, everywhere.

JAMIE ROHRBAUGH is founder and CEO of From His Presence. Reprinted from Headline Prayer, Intercessors for America (ifapray.org).