No More Prayer Blahs

I am an avid baseball fan, and my favorite team is the Boston Red Sox. Currently I am in pain where baseball is concerned. Why? Because the Red Sox are currently the worst team in the America league. They have awful pitching, and their hitters, who normally are among the best in baseball have been in season-long slumps.

They are likely struggling due to the way the Coronavirus has changed the routine of the game. Because they have to social distance, there is a huge lack of comradery on the team. The seasoned players who normally can rally the team to do better, cannot interact with the team as a whole to fire them up. The Red Sox are really the poster child for an underachieving team that just has the blahs and cannot shake out of them.

I wonder, though, how many of us prayer leaders are experiencing something similar to that right now? We want to see prayer grow in our church. We want to see people fired up and discipled in prayer. But everything is stacked against us. Our church is either not meeting at all yet, or when we meet, we cannot interact with people. Perhaps even times of personal prayer in services are not allowed. Small groups can’t meet.  Whatever it is, we feel held back from doing anything because of the circumstances of the virus.

Prayer leader, it is time to shake off those blahs and do something!

If you are giving in to the inactivity that Covid is bringing about, you are missing a prime opportunity to move your people forward in prayer.

Why do I say that?

Because now, more than any recent time period, a majority of your people are trying to pray. People pray the most when they are desperate. And with Covid, the political situation, riots in the streets of America, racial issues, people are out of sorts, confused, and seeking answers. They are desperate!

With encouragement and practical help, they will pray!

Start Offering Help

As a prayer leader, why not begin seeking God for creative ways to fuel your people’s prayers. Find ways to encourage them. Find ways to supply prayers and prayer tips, prayer guides to them. Perhaps hold small prayer groups or prayer studies online (Zoom is a great way to do this). Develop and tweak prayer chains to make them more effective and active. Or send daily emails with prayer points and Scriptures to pray.

Get people praying for their community. Their neighbors. The nation. The election. For truth to be revealed in all the political and health-related confusion. Do an all-church prayer initiative.

The point is, use the opportunity of desperate hearts to engage them in prayer. Don’t sit back and wait for all this to be over before you lead in prayer again in your church.

Some Recommend Resources:

Prayer Initiatives:

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Desperate for Change: 40 Days of Prayer for America. Great to pray together starting 40 days prior to the election (Sept 25)

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Make Us One: A 31-Day Prayer Journey Toward Racial Healing (Available October 1)

Prayer Guides:

Praying for an Election. A non-partisan, Scripture-based prayer guide to pray over the upcoming election.

Praying for First Responders


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