Need a Speaker?

Jon GrafJonathan Graf, the president of the Church Prayer Leaders Network is a popular writer and speaker on the subject of prayer. He regularly facilitates prayer weekends in churches and speaks at conferences.

Scheduling Contact: jon@prayerleader.com(812) 238-5504



Jon has been involved in prayer ministry both in the local church and in the international prayer movement since 1995, serving in a number of capacities:


  • President of PrayerShop Publishing
  • Founding editor of Pray! magazine
  • President of the Church Prayer Leaders Network
  • Vice President of Harvest Prayer Ministries
  • Director of Prayer Mobilization for the Christian & Missionary Alliance
  • Executive Committee of America’s National Prayer Committee
  • Executive Committee of the Denominational Prayer Leaders Network
  • Author or compiler of five books, including The Power of Personal Prayer (NavPress),Praying Like Paul (PrayerShop Publishing), Restored Power (PrayerShop Publishing) and My House Shall Be a House of Prayer (Pray! Books).
  • Possesses an M.Ed degree and spent seven years teaching high school English.

Jon’s passion beats for prayer and raising up more praying people in the local church. His speaking ministry primarily targets the average believer in the pews. He has a winsome style that seeks to motivate through encouragement rather than through guilt.


Go to Jon’s YouTube channel to listen to some short teaching segments.


Focused Weekends

Praying with Faith and Purpose

While Jon will work with a church to plan whatever type of conference or retreat that church might want, the best results have come from his Praying with Faith and Purpose subject and format. This format works best in a Friday night to Sunday morning format, but can be adapted to start on a Sunday morning or can run with seminars Sunday afternoon and evening or Sunday evening through Tuesday evening. Four core topics are covered:

The Keys to an Effective Prayer LifeHindrances to Prayer or The Power of PraiseKingdom PrayingThe Power of Praying Together

If more seminar slots are in the schedule, topics are chosen from (not an exhaustive list of topics):

The Power of Praise

Persevering Prayer

Praying for Your Pastor

Fasting and Prayer

The Prayer Life of Jesus

Prayer Evangelism

The Prayer Driven Church (a session for church leaders)

Developing a Prayer Strategy for Your Church (a session for church leaders)

Jon also is gifted in leading concerts of prayer and dynamic prayer meetings. Many churches have a concert of prayer on Saturday or Sunday evening.

Prayer Retreats

Jon is also available to facilitate staff or all-church prayer retreats. These can be done as a one-day (6-8 hour) get away, or a weekend event. While these days can be held anywhere, it is best to use the facilities at a location where participants can get out into nature or where there are plenty of places for quiet solitude.

Consulting Ministries

While coming for a one-time event can be effective and powerful in the life of a church, having an ongoing relationship can help your church continue to move forward. Jon is very willing to continue a relationship by offering consulting services. The relationship can be as significant or casual as a church or prayer leader might need. Fees can be paid on a monthly, quarterly or an annual basis. They would be based on how much of Jon’s time and involvement a church desires. As a consultant, Jon would meet with leaders/prayer teams in person, on conference calls, or a combination of both. He would also be available by phone when the pastor or prayer leader desires advice.

Costs Involved

Jon comes to a church for expenses (travel, hotel, meals, etc) and an honorarium. The honorarium is left up to the church, but a suggested target honorarium for a weekend is $1,000. Jon does not want the amount to hinder any sized church, so he will come for less if a church cannot afford that amount.