Managing All Those Prayer Requests

As your church’s prayer ministry grows, so does the need to keep track of prayer requests, intercessors, emergency prayer alerts, and prayer groups. The iPrayerCenter is a full-featured prayer request and praise report management center that can be integrated into your church’s existing website.

Requests can be made directly to your website, with the option for requests to be monitored and approved by an administrator. As intercessors pray for the posted requests, they can send a “PrayerGram” through the system by an integrated email, letting the person who posted the request know that people are praying. There is also an option to send a postcard. Requests that are not yet prayed for will rise to the top of the list so that all requests are cycled through the intercessors.

You can set privacy settings for certain requests, or create special prayer groups (such as small groups) that want to manage the privacy of their own requests. Any emergency requests can be flagged and sent out to emergency intercessors.

The iPrayerCenter can be branded as your own by uploading your church’s logo and including other elements to create a unique look. The iPrayerCenter service can handle an unlimited number of users and requests. The cost to your church to set up and maintain the site is $75 per month. This tool can help mobilize your congregation to pray for each other in an organized way that doesn’t overwhelm your staff or prayer team. To learn more, go to iprayercenter.com.

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