Korean Intercessors Pray for Revival in America

From Bellingham, WA, to Los Angeles, CA, to Bangor, ME, 240 Korean intercessors from South Korea dispersed to 20 cities throughout America to pray for revival in June 2022. According to P. Douglas Small, president of Project Pray and America’s Prayer Meeting, the intercessors went “from coast to coast and border to border to pray morning, noon, and night.” Their prayer gatherings culminated on Pentecost Sunday.

The 20 teams of intercessors are associated with the World School of Prayer in Seoul, South Korea. The intercessors visited on the 49th anniversary of Billy Graham’s 1973 crusade in Seoul. That historic event drew more than three million people, with approximately 75,000 of them committing their lives to Christ. Korean Christians say it changed the direction of the nation.

“After the crusade, the prayer revival broke out in many different churches in South Korea. Even revival broke out . . . and churches started to grow,” Aaron Park, executive director of the World School of Prayer, says. “Through the prayer revival and church growth, God brought us the blessing, economically and spiritually.”

Now, the grandchildren of that revival returned to the U.S. to give America a spiritual boost. “We realize it is time for us to go and pay back our spiritual debt to America with prayer, so let’s go and humbly serve the American church with prayer,” says Park.

Project Pray hosted a special broadcast called America’s Prayer Meeting with the Korean intercessors on the campus of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA) in Charlotte, NC. The new Billy Graham Archive and Research Center was introduced as a place where people from around the globe can come and study the records and historical data of how God used Billy Graham and his organization to bring revival.

Dr. Tom Phillips, BGEA senior advisor and former crusade director, says Billy Graham fervently sought God for revival in America.

“Mr. Graham, from 1949 . . . all the way ‘til nearly his death, kept saying the same thing: ‘I’m praying for an old-fashioned, Holy Ghost, heaven-sent revival that would sweep America from coast to coast,’” says Phillips.

He adds, “How we need it now, and to have our Korean brothers and sisters joining with our American brothers and sisters to pray together because our job is to go into all the world and preach the gospel. That was Billy Graham’s calling, that’s our calling today, but it begins in prayer.”

Small says it’s no coincidence that the Korean intercessors came on the anniversary of the Seoul Crusade. “We’re believing that this can be a watershed moment for America that not just enriches us, but changes the nation.” –Steve Little, CBN News.

Appearing in Prayer Connect Issue 50.