Impromptu Prayer Movement Beginning in West Texas

Last September, I invited my bible study group to pray through Pray the Word for Your Church by Tiece L King.  It was so good, I decided to continue praying through it the next month by myself.

In December, I invited our Student Ministry Leaders to join in starting  Jan. 1, 2019.  Other church members heard about it from many of our campuses (Hillside Christian Church has 10 campuses in West Texas and New Mexico) and friends from churches across our city, Amarillo Texas. 

The invitations were met with enthusiasm and people began sharing on social media! A staff member at our Lubbock Texas Campus invited her friend from Arizona; their whole chapel decided to pray through this devotional too!

Altogether, now there are five cities in two states involved in praying Tiece L. King’s book!  These are the specific ones I know about. 

Everyday I get texts, emails and messages informing me that more and more people have been joining in to pray! Lastly, several people have said they want to restart it again in February! What began as a few invitations to pray has turned in to a Prayer Movement in our region!  All glory to God!

–Mary Nell Hunt

Out of this Mary is hoping to soon launch a ministry Pray the City.

Perhaps God wants to use you to change the way your congregation prays! We highly recommend getting a copy or copies of Pray the Word for Your Church. They are available through our store,, but also in e-book or where ever you buy your Christian books.