Global Family Launches Continual Prayer Room

A prayer initiative launched on January 1, 2021, with the vision to unite nations, denominations and generations in a year of continuous prayer and worship.

Prayer leaders and worship teams from every continent lead the 168 hourly Zoom sessions each week in several languages. The meetings are accessible to anyone with an Internet connection. Participants must register on the website to receive the Zoom link to join.

The project was founded by Dr. Jason Hubbard of International Prayer Connect (ipcprayer.org) and Jonathan Friz of 10 Days 2021. The continuous prayer gathering is run by a dedicated, multi-skilled team representing many different ministries and networks from around the world.

“The ability to pray together as the global church in the same space is brand new,” says Friz. “For the first time in history, we can approximate the sound of that great multitude gathered before the throne from every nation and language, declaring ‘Salvation belongs to our God, and to the Lamb!’”

One of the primary focuses of the Global Family is prayers for the unreached, explains Hubbard. Their goal is to reach every person by 2030, with a focus on Unreached People Groups.

“There are about 5,000 such people groups still separated by language and culture with an average of only one believer per thousand. They need cross-cultural efforts integrated with focused, ongoing prayer to see indigenous gospel movements established in them.”

There are 50 or so hourly sessions available to would-be leaders in the weekly schedule. Prayer leaders who would like to take part are invited to visit the Leaders page on the website.

–Taken from International Prayer Connections.