Free Issue PDFs

As our gift to you, Prayer Connect is offering individuals and churches access to the PDFs of 5 issues of Prayer Connect.

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Each of these PDFs represents an issue that is either timely to our current situation or covers an aspect of prayer that would be a help to those who desire to pray more effectively.

Each of these PDFs has a Bible Study that is based on the theme articles of that issue. We highly recommend using it with friends, your congregation, or someone you are mentoring. Send them the PDF, have them read the articles, then discuss together using the Bible Study questions.

In this day, you could use any number of technologies to interact with others in a Bible study group–Zoom, Facebook Messenger,, etc.

Here are the Available PDFs.

Issue 28 – Watch and Pray: Staying Alert in a Troubled World

Issue 32 – Prayer 101: Back to Basics

Issue 35 – Where Are You God?: Prayer through Suffering

Issue 11 – Our Great Intercessor: Learning from the Prayer Life of Jesus

Issue 3 – Solid Foundation: The Power of Praying Scripture

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