Digital Bulk

Let Prayer Connect help you to disciple your people in prayer!

Send a PDF of each Prayer Connect issue to your entire congregation/group.

With a Digital Bulk subscription, a PDF of each new issue is emailed to the subscriber and your church or ministry has permission to email the issue to every one on their email list.

The cost is based on the number of people you are emailing it to. Send it to your entire congregation, a specific group (Prayer Team, Church Leaders, etc.)

What You Receive with Your Subscription:

    • A Digital copy of each issue (4x a year) along with permission to email it to as many people as you paid for with your subscription.
    • Introduction text to use in your email when you send the PDF to your people. This text will both share what is in the issue and encourage them to look through it.
    • A second PDF that is a Study Guide for the issue so it can be used in small groups.
    • Another teaching article about an aspect of prayer will be sent in between issues that you can email to your people. It will be designed to equip, inspire, or challenge your people to keep going deeper into prayer.
    • Permission to cut and paste any article within the issue so you can email it to your people or print it to handout if you desire.

    All this for 75% to 90% less than the cheapest print delivery method. Prices per person sent to go down the more people you email to.

    How It Works:

    Each issue, the PDF and other items are only sent to the person who orders the subscription. They then send it on using your church’s email delivery system (or they send the PDF to the person at your church who manages the list).

    We never see your email list. We never see the names on your list.

    When Does It Start?

    With our January-February-March 2024 issue. You can sign up here starting in October.

    This is a recurring billing product, which means your credit card will be charged every 3 months on the anniversary of when you first signed up. You can stop the subscription it at any time!

    What Does It Cost?

    In just a few weeks we will share our pricing structure here. Be watching. You will not be able to order it until mid-October.