David’s Tent to Continue Worship

Jason Hershey, executive director of David’s Tent D.C., has announced that the 24/7 prayer and worship that has filled the U.S. National Mall will be extended beyond its original ending date of election day 2016.

David’s Tent has a permit that allows them to conduct 424 days of continuous worship along the National Mall in Washington, D.C., beginning September 11, 2015 and continuing until November 8, 2016. Since September, they have moved the tent to various sites, including the Washington Monument, Marshall Park, and Constitution Gardens. They have faced the added burden of taking down their large tent due to a blizzard and then Pope Francis’s visit to D.C. (because of hazard and security issues). They have also endured complaints that forced them to shut off their amplification during designated hours. But through all the adjustments, they have continued the worship day and night.

On July 11, Hershey announced to the staff that the November 8 finish line “has been erased!” The plan is to continue “worshiping Jesus perpetually” with no known ending date.

“The Lord willing,” says Hershey, “our goal is that America will never again know a day, hour, or moment when worship and prayer is not rising as incense to the Lord Jesus from our nation’s capital. As long as the opportunity is there, the grace of enough staff and finances are there, we are committed to press forward on federal land, in public, in Washington, D.C.”

Hershey figures there are 300,000 churches in America, and so if each church sends their worship team to D.C. for just one hour in constant vigil, the worship would last for 34 years. Go to davidstentdc.org for more information.