Celebrating Grandparents’ Day with Prayer

Grandparents are rock stars in the eyes of their grandchildren! Several years ago, I led a prayer time for children after our Daily Vacation Bible School. We invited children to come to the front of the church to receive prayer—and you might guess their number-one request: Grandparents!

Most children have a special bond with their grandparents. A friend of mine says she was in college before she realized her grandma was considerably overweight. My friend had never noticed! That’s the unconditional love and perspective that grandchildren have for these special adults in their lives.

And often, grandparents are the most faithful intercessors for their grandchildren. Their love is fierce, and their prayers are heartfelt for the next generation.

A Special Day

National Grandparents Day is the first Sunday after Labor Day, so this year it falls on September 13. If you want to tap into the prayer fervency of grandparents (and encourage them in their special prayer assignment), host a Grandparents Prayer Night.

At my church, we invited grandparents to gather on that Sunday evening for light refreshments and a time of prayer. We told them to bring photos of their grandchildren to share with the group. We laughed as some brought large, framed photos straight off their living room walls. They proudly arrived with their treasured pictures tucked under their arms.

Sitting in small groups around tables, they showed their pictures and bragged on their grandkids. Then we encouraged them to write down the names of each grandchild along with a word that reminded them of a way to pray for that child—words like joy, strength, confidence, protection. Then we began a prayer time to pray that word and a blessing over each grandchild. Some people had too many grandchildren to pray through their whole list that night, but they went home with a new prayer tool. We also provided key Scripture passages they could pray for their grandchildren.

We then invited people to share around their table a particular burden they had for one or more grandchildren—something causing the grandparents grief or fear. After some interaction, we began a time to help “carry the burden” by praying for each other’s grandchildren. There were many tears and hugs as people opened up about painful and desperate situations.

Most of the grandparents told us they didn’t care if their families celebrated them that day (as usually happens on Mother’s Day or Father’s Day). They were thrilled to join other grandparents in interceding for their dearly loved ones.

That’s because grandparents are rock stars!

CAROL MADISON, the author of Prayer That’s Caught and Taught: Mentoring the Next Generation, directs the prayer ministries at Hillside Church of Bloomington, MN.