Bible Sales Rise as People Turn to God’s Word

In this “Year of the Bible,” many believers started the year fasting and praying for Scripture engagement to increase around the world. And Christian publishers are reporting that sales of the Holy Bible began to escalate as more people searched for hope and encouragement during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Jim Jewell, communications director for Tyndale Bibles, told CBN News, “We’ve seen an increase in Bible sales during this time of crisis. On Facebook, where Bible verse memes are posted, [the] post engagement was triple what it was last March and up 72 percent [in the last] month.”

Jewell continues, “Comparing this March to last March, sales of our Life Application Study Bible were up 44 percent and sales of the Immerse Bible used for group study are up 60 percent.”

In addition, LifeWay Christian Resources reported an increase in Bible sales of 62 percent in the last week of March compared to the previous year.According to Fox News, Alabaster Co., a small company in Los Angeles, CA, that sells artfully illustrated single books of the Bible, saw its sales increase by 143 percent compared to last year. Brian Chung, co-founder of Alabaster Co., says, “We believe people are buying Bibles because there’s a longing to connect with God, find meaning, and experience peace.”

–Adapted from CBN News . Prayer Connect magazine.