Australia Calls World to Fast and Pray for U.S

For the past four years, the team behind Australia’s National Day of Prayer and Fasting has called other nations to fast and pray for six days for the United States (April 30–May 5).

Warwick Marsh from Australia explains that on May 7, 1942, the United States joined forces with Australia to win the strategic Battle of the Coral Sea, which helped to turn back the Japanese invasion landing force—and ultimately may have been the turning point of the Second World War. But the victory came at a high cost to the U.S. military forces, as 656 Americans lost their lives.

This is part of the Australians’ motivation to solicit prayer for the U.S. “Right now the USA is in a spiritual battle for its very survival as a nation under God,” Marsh says. “Secular forces have taken prayer out of school and progressively waged war against family, faith, and religious freedom. It is time for Australia and the people of the world to join with our brothers and sisters in Christ in the USA in this battle for their nation.

“We in Australia are grateful for the protection that America gave Australia during World War 2,” he continues. “It is time for us to return the favor and get on our knees and pray for America.”