Australia Calls for Prayer for U.S.

For the third year in a row, the Australian National Day of Prayer and Fasting team called the rest of the world to pray and fast for seven days for the U.S. Their prayer invitation lasted from the Australian National Day of Repentance on April 30 until the U.S. National Day of Prayer on May 7.

In 2013 they called for three days of prayer and fasting, expecting perhaps a dozen nations to join the call. Leaders were encouraged when 28 nations (including Vietnam and China) joined them.

In 2014 more than 40 nations joined the call for 48 hours of prayer for the U.S. The organizers also released a video from an Australian perspective, detailing some of the rich Christian heritage and historic calls for prayer and fasting embedded in American history but not generally known. The prayer in the video is a call for America to find her prophetic destiny in Christ.   The 2015 call to prayer linked Australia’s Repentance Day with the U.S. National Day of Prayer, believing that repentance precedes breakthrough. Organizers believe both nations need revival and transformation because the so-called Western world is spiritually and morally bankrupt.

One of the organizers, Alison Jessup, said, “We in Australia believe it is our turn to bless the nation of America and pray for healing for the USA through prayer and fasting according to 2 Chronicles 7:14. We in Australia are grateful for the protection that America gave Australia and the nations of the free world during World War II. The 1942 Battle of the Coral Sea, led by the USA, was the turning point in the Second World War for Australia.”

To read the Australian National Day of Prayer and Fasting team’s Declaration of Prayer for America, go to