A Simple Prayer Covenant

Dr. Jerry Kirk’s prayer life was profoundly transformed in 1967 when a businessman invited Kirk to enter into a 30-day prayer covenant with him. Every day each man would ask Jesus to be Lord of his life—and then pray that same prayer for the other. Since that first invitation, Kirk has entered into prayer covenants with more than 9,000 people!

The simple prayer has grown over the years. Kirk says the essence of it now is, “Jesus, be Lord of my life today in new ways, and change me any way You want.” And now Kirk extends the covenant to 40 days. “I wanted Jesus to know I really mean it,” explains Kirk.

It is a simple concept of inviting at least one other person to follow Jesus with you by starting each day with a prayer for yourself—and then for that person. You commit to pray with each other for 40 days, and then enter into the covenant with new people.

A prayer card is available with simple instructions, including the prayer that invites the Lord to help you love others, be cleansed from sin, be filled with the Holy Spirit, and be used for God’s glory. These cards can be downloaded for free from the website or ordered in bulk for small groups or an entire church—to enter into prayer covenant relationships.

The vision of the 40-Day Prayer Covenant is to see it used as “a catalyst for an awakening to Jesus Christ as Lord throughout the United States and the world.” The prayer card is also available in Spanish, Russian, Mandarin, Hindi, and Arabic. There is also a Messianic Jewish version.

To learn more or to order cards, go to theprayercovenant.org.

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