A Scripture-Based Covid-19 Prayer

This day Lord I choose to abide in Christ, to set my mind on Christ, to realign my thinking and heart on things above where my true citizenship has been firmly established through the finished work of Jesus. Remind me continually Father, that this world is not my true home. Forgive me I pray, for allowing the roots of my living to grow deep in what is not eternal.

  • For my satisfaction with earthly pleasures instead of Jesus, forgive me O God.
  • For feasting on media of all kinds, but not on Your Word, forgive me O God.
  • For giving in to the pull of the world in many ways, while ignoring the promptings of the Holy Spirit, forgive me O God.
  • For the disparity between what I say I believe and how I actually live, O God forgive me!

(Pause and continue to pray as led by the Holy Spirit.)

During these days of restricted activity, may my heart become quiet enough, still enough, to hear Your voice clearly once again. Strengthen me by the Holy Spirit to resist distractions. Instead, like Mary, may I sit at Your feet choosing what is best. As I wait on You, I ask Father that You give to me the gift of a broken and contrite heart. Show me the ways in which pride has entrenched itself in my actions, reactions and relationships. Destroy it all I pray!

(Pause and continue to pray as led by the Holy Spirit.)

Lord God, Your Word admonishes me to not be anxious about anything, but to pray about everything. And so, in submission to Your Word, I bring my requests before You.

  • Father, in Jesus’ mighty Name I ask that You stop the spread of COVID-19 and bring healing to those who are suffering, and Your Name glorified!

  • I lay before You my concerns for the physical well-being of my family, neighbors and friends at this time of sickness. Surround them with Your loving protection. I lift them before You by name . . . (Pause and pray for your family members by name.)

  • May families grow stronger because of the extra time they have together. Use these days of restricted activity to bring healing to weak or fractured relationships.
  • Father I give all of my finances to You, confessing that I am only the steward. Forgive me for the ways that I have been possessive of what is not mine. All that I have belongs to You. Remove all fear from my heart and remind me continually that You Father, will supply all my needs. Present needs, future needs–You are my provider.

  • I ask for those who are without work and ask that You open doors of provision for them (pray for the wait staff at restaurants you frequent, and other service oriented businesses).

  • I pray for healthcare workers who have too much work, that You strengthen them and sustain them. Keep them from sickness. I especially pray for those working in hospitals and eldercare facilities close to me . . . (Pause and pray for healthcare workers you know by name.)

  • Give wisdom to our Pastor(s) and leaders (pray for them by name) and grow us as a faith community during this time of separation. May we be increasingly intentional in staying connected and encouraging one another!

  • Father give Your wisdom to those who lead our nation and to all public officials. May their hearts turn to You and call on Your Name.

Holy Spirit show me, prompt me, as to how I might participate with Your purposes during this time. Use me as Your mouthpiece to calm fearful hearts and encourage the weary. Use me as Your hands to bless those around me with acts of kindness that Jesus might be seen through me. May Your goodness expressed through me, overcome evil.

I bring these requests before you Father with thanksgiving in my heart, knowing that You are the God who sees and hears and answers. There is nothing that is impossible for You! Therefore, I have hope.

I commit these things to You believing, in Jesus’ Name. Amen

Matthew 6:21; Philippians 3:20; Romans 12:1-2; 1 Thessalonians 5:19; 1 John 2:6; Philippians 4:6; Romans 12:21; Luke 1:37

–By Tiece King, Author of Pray the Word and Pray the Word for Your Church. These prayers are presented by the Church Prayer Leaders Network and PrayerShop Publishing.