Questions to Consider When Beginning or Evaluating Your Church Prayer Ministry

By Lynn Heatley

In  meeting with Congregational Prayer Coordinators, I have developed these key questions that are good for discussion and are proving valuable in discerning vision and goals for prayer coordinators and their leaders in their local congregation.

Key Questions to Discover for Effective Congregational Prayer Ministry:

1. What are the primary gifts of your church?

2. What is the vision for prayer ministry from your senior pastor? Other leadership?

3. Do you have any guidelines/perimeters to work from? If so, what are they?

4. What are the expectations of you as "Prayer Coordinator" from the pastor and other l
leaders (do you have a job description)?

5. Do you have any budget for prayer? If so, how is it to be used?

6. What do the people in your congregation need that will bridge them from:

Prayerlessness-to-Beginning to pray
Praying Beginners-to-Prayer Ministry Involvement
Prayer Ministry Involvement-to-Prayer Leadership and Mentoring Others in Prayer
Mentoring others in Prayer–to–prayer becoming a vital part of every ministry in the church (no longer just one ministry that prays, but every ministry takes their role of priestly intercession seriously)

7. What areas, personally, do you need to be further equipped in and supported to increase your effectiveness as a Prayer Coordinator and/or as a person growing in prayer?

May the Lord be glorified and direct your steps as you come into united purpose and action in your ministry of prayer!

Lynn Heatley
Prayer Command Post
PO Box 1853
Chino, CA 91708
(909) 591-1945

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